Wet again!

So after a week of feeling a bit apathetic I felt motivated this morning despite the hangover from a couple of small glasses of not fabulous wine last night. So out to check on the new hens at 8.20, they hadn’t been pecked to death, after almost a week of the two older hens being rather nasty they weren’t this morning. I was getting ready to go and get a load of manure from up in the hills nearby, I have the broad beans and mange tout ready for the owner of the muck pile, but then the heavens opened. (Or in Welsh, Mae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn, it’s raining old ladies with sticks!) So the cabbages will have to wait a bit longer to go in the ground as the muck pile will be seriously soggy now and will weigh down my back andlittle car too much. My motivation was very fragile and has disappeared, so have been popping in and out of the rain, pottering about and starting to get this blog going (another plan that has been lingering in my brain since my media savvy sister started one). One of the motivations for blogging is to give myself a bit more of an incentive to do the stuff I’m always thinking of, planning and then not getting round to! If there are people out there following me in the future then I may feel more inclined to get on with it! Same as my sister, isn’t it strange, however different siblings are on the surface there are deep underlying similarities.


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