settling in?

Just named silver…

and bronze.

So the first post about the new hens. We have had chickens for the last 4 years, we started with a few of ex battery who were great, though can’t remember how many we had but a couple that died then we got a few POL (point of lay around 16-20 weeks old and technically just about to lay) to boost our egg count. A year or so later in October at 9am in the morning a fox got all three newbies and the last ex-battery. It was a bit of a shock for TOWPCOE who was looking after them while I was away, so I got a call in Torquay. Anyway we gave that winter a break and got some new ones in the spring, two ex-battery and two POL, and I don’t remember them being quite as vicious with each other. Mind you in trying to write the chronology of our chickens I realise they all become a bit of a blur.
So these new ones pictured nervously above yesterday, seem to have finally settled in a bit today, not terrified of every movement around them and even tolerating the old ones wandering around the outside of the run. Now they just have to associate the sight of an old 2kg margarine tub with tasty treats and we’ll be able to let them out to free range the garden with the old ones. The first chickens we had would follow you anywhere if you had any light coloured receptacles or even once a piece of paper. Annoying when gardening or eating outside but very handy for rounding them up. They just don’t tell you things like that in ‘manuals’, or not that I’ve read in my random flicking through and dipping in and out of books and websites.


2 thoughts on “settling in?

  1. We bought her from a local breeder, he described her and silver as hybreds, bronze is a blackstar and silver a bluebelle, the other two older ones we have are warrens, a brown hybred, all are supposed to lay 280+ eggs a year.

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