still unsettled despite our best efforts…

Well I spoke far too soon about the new hens, they are still timid, and being picked on. They are getting used to the idea of a white box containing treats though which is encouraging. Just been up to check on them as dusk falls, I let the old ones in a little earlier today, maybe the wrong decision as there was a lot of screeching going on, but now they are all in the coop so ok ’til tomorrow am! So it’s now 9 days and we still can’t leave them all together in the coop, or let the new ones out to free range, oh well, I’m sure we’ll get here in the end.


4 thoughts on “still unsettled despite our best efforts…

    • I’m wondering if the only egg layer of the two older ones is broody, she has taken to laying eggs out and about, which we have found, mainly because she makes such a loud noise about laying,(not that I blame her for that!) We can’t handle chicks so no point in getting some fertile eggs for her to sit on, so I think I’ll be looking up what to do. She has nipped the back of bronze’s legs again so I’m up there with the iodine tincture in a minute. After advice from the breeder we let the new ones out yesterday, they didn’t wander far, but it was difficult to get them home, silver we got in an old arc, but it missed bronze, TOWPCOE managed to grab bronze after several failed attempts by me. By this time silver was so agitated that we had to wait until dark to move her form the arc to the coop. What a palaver, and I was the one who wanted more chickens!

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