time… what happens to it?

Time is a strange thing isn’t it…
I have a lot of time at the moment, more than usual, which is great in some ways and challenging in others.
I should explain, since selling our business I have been working as a primary school supply teacher, erratic work, but relatively well paid and something I really enjoy. I am so lucky to have so much time to spend in the garden and I have the lovely long school holidays. That’s why I can spend so much time doing this blog at the moment.
TOWPCOE works fairly long and sometimes random hours, some time off in the day but almost always working on Saturdays and often in the evenings.
Back to time… sometimes it goes so quickly and at other times it seems to drag. Now we’re coming to the end of the summer holidays and I wonder where all the time has gone and when I am going to finish the long list of things to do, some of which didn’t get done last summer holidays…
I have found that if I arrange to do at least one thing for or with someone else it helps to get the day started. I seem to do a lot more if I have a few deadlines to meet. I suppose most of us are like that, it must get ingrained very early on in life.
Yesterday what really got me moving was seeing TOWPCOE’s parents who live nearby, I have been helping them informally with their garden in the last year, but now they need some more regular help so I got stuck in straight away and cut the grass, very wet and slippery. A couple of sheep had got in recently and there were big deep hoof prints in the more soggy areas. While I was there a friend’s children called me to take them swimming, which I had offered to do a couple of weeks ago, so all of sudden I was in a rush and life felt good again!
I stayed with an old friend over the weekend, great to see them and catch up, went to the beach and ‘did’ a day out at an open air museum, all fun. But I had a great time helping them get the garden cleared up for a child’s birthday party, which involved emptying and scrubbing out their (above ground) swimming pool amongst other things. Like I said I really enjoyed it, I think there may be something wrong with me… The Protestant work ethic seems to have got in really deep, must have been my Granny and Scottish Presbyterian Church ’til the age of 7!


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