peace breaks out, or at least a tolerance or sorts

Finally we have 2 pairs of chickens that are no longer drawing blood!
For about a week now they are putting themselves to bed, as long as we don’t interfere. If we are around they seem to faff about a bit, but obviously I don’t know what happens when we’re not around…
They have even been seen eating from the same sprinkling of bird seed.

old ones tolerating new ones, for a time anyway there was a little jostling over sunflower seeds

Still only one regular egg layer, hoppy, don’t know what has happened to scraggly/the other one/brownie she doesn’t seem to have laid for about 3 months, but that’s another issue. The two newbies seem to have laid an egg each, tiny little ones, each hen lays eggs of a certain shade of brown so although laid on different days I think they are different hens. The picture shows these alongside one hoppy laid a few days ago and a lighter for scale, hoppy’s was 96 g!

what a difference

We’re now just waiting for silver and bronze to chill and not flinch when the old ones look up, I’m sure that will come. One pleasant by-product of the change is that hoppy and scraggly don’t wander off down the drive anymore, they had started to wander quite a distance, silver and bronze haven’t discovered those delights yet and long may that continue. We’re so glad that after almost 5 weeks we can now feel happy about leaving them all out all day.


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