Finishing up some stuff from the fridge Alexis and Hugh style.

So to the prawn cocktails on Friday night…
We were trying to finish up a few things from the fridge as they were heading up to Edinburgh and Iain was away too, initially there were two avocados and feta, Alexis thought we could make a starter and while shopping for some fresh fish at the supermarket she got a tub of prawn cocktail and a bag of rocket.Coco had requested that we make fish fingers again, so we prepared the stuff for that while Alexis was shopping, and the making of them went well. The kids had theirs then to bed etc, Coco also made ours but we didn’t cook them as Hugh wasn’t back, Hugh in the meantime got home. I started cooking our dinner and then as is his wont Hugh came to join in with the starter. He didn’t like the thought of the feta with the prawn cocktail, I relayed the finishing up message, chopped one of the avocados (not as ripe as we thought so left the other one in the fridge) and I asked for some plates, this made him go off at a 70s tangent and get 3 glasses. After that it seemed a little bit of a game, I suppose inspired by the fact that it was a Heston Blumenthal prawn cocktail. I suggested putting the avocado slices in as wafers and we went off from there!
They were lovely, dressed rocket, with Heston Blumethals prawn cocktail, chopped avocado, cubes of feta, and sprinkled on top, as Hugh and I got sillier the remains of some cheddar kettle chips crumbled further as spinkles on our Prawn Sundaes, and finally cayenne pepper.

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