The end of the job…

So after a month of sporadic work on the hedge it is finally finished, (see post in October). While working in the final stages I was joined by a very friendly Robin, it has also joined me in the polytunnel recently, it has some distinctive pale markings on it’s wings. I have been watching the birds hopping in and out of the hedge whilst having my breakfast thismorning. Sparrows, dunnocks, chaffinches, blue tits, and the blackbirds are coming back, where do they go in late summer?
The view of the hedge from the upstairs window, this takes me back a few years when we used to live in a 3 roomed flat on the first floor, before we converted the rest of the building. This was the view from our kitchen table.
SL701474small SL701467 SL701438smallcropped SL701435small

In this close up with the leaves nearly gone you can see the way the branches are tied.

This year I also scraped the grass back from encroaching on the concrete and put a load of rotted leaf mould at the base of the hedge. Being on such a slope the leaves as they fall don’t hang around for long.


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