Keeping your sourdough starter alive

Having posted about making sourdough bread I have since handed out a bit (to my brother) and so thought I’d better write about keeping it alive!
I have had mine for 2 months and have made 4 batches. So you can tell that it doesn’t mind being the fridge for ages between uses. When you do use a bit you just add a bit more flour, around 15 g, and mix it well putting it back in the fridge. SL701505
When I gave some away last night I thought it might be unwell, as I hadn’t used it for a couple of weeks, so I left the jar out of the fridge having added around 30 g of flour and 20 ml or so of tepid water as I had given half of it away. It was bubbling away this morning so it went back in the fridge.
If you find that there is a load of grey ‘water’ on top of the starter in the jar then you need to tip off the ‘water’ and add 30 g of flour and 30 g of fresh tepid water, leave the jar out of the fridge for the night and see how it is in the morning. (I have done this and it worked.) According to the sheet I was given with the starter you can add 30 g more flour and try again, though I didn’t need to.


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