Christmas presents No.3

So we don’t do presents for adults, (see last Jan post) but TOWPCOE’s sister forgot that and went completely mad, in a very nice way of course!
I carried the present home, well I nearly did, half way I did a very unusual thing and accepted a lift from the ‘village’ the 1/4 mile or so home…
Christmas present No.2 was a massive (10lb) chicken which turned up courtesy of a friend in town on the 23rd Dec with no warning. It made a great meal when our second guest turned up on Christmas eve and will be lovely when we defrost what was left.
Anyway Christmas morning came and we were thinking about smoked salmon canapes and which alcohol to start on, when we remembered the present…SL701503
Spanish Jamon (and the stand).
A great addition to the meat consumption over the festivities, we’ve had a little every day, it’s still going and hopefully will for some time, especially now we know to keep the fat to place over the cut part of the meat, it is sitting wrapped in a tea towel on the counter. YUM YUM.



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