January “mood board”

Inspired by my sister (somethingimade) who pointed me towards some blogs using the tag mood board, I went out into the garden last weekend to see if I could cheer myself up.

I wasn’t hopeful to be honest, however I found lots of interesting stuff.


There are so many different shapes of seed head still giving food for the birds. Clemitis, teasel, sweet william, sedums, hollyhocks, knapweed, hogweed that I missed I removed as many of the flowers as I could find last summer before they went to seed, trying to reduce the quantity of them in the garden!… and some kind of yellow thistle thing…
The polytunnel has just that little bit more warmth, so the fennel I harvested last year but left the roots in has sprouted lots of lovely feathery shoots, also in there is flowering feverfew.
The red pelagonium (geranium) is from the porch, where I am trying to keep the plant alive, as is the alyssum which is hanging on in there.
The hogweed is from the open garden, luckily the only one growing at the moment!
Lovely berries/hips from the Hawthorn all over the garden, Kiftsgate rose I have growing on a fence, honeysuckle, and St Johns wort, self sown by the birds.
Pansies, Heather Catkins from the hazel and Winter Jasmine flowering at about the right time, the pansies seem to be food for the slugs (or something else with an appetite!) and a supposedly Autumn flowering Cherry that has been seriously confused in the 5 or so years since planting!
Lovely stem colour from the dogwood, and a yellow stemmed willow, both need cutting soon, before they start to grow too much, however I can’t bear to loose the colour yet so they’ll have to wait, hopefully it won’t effect their growth this year too much.
Of course in the vegetable garden I still have a load of brassicas, Russian Kale, Cavelo Nero, Purple sprouting broccoli (not sprouting yet!) cabbages and some calabrese in the polytunnel hanging on. The leeks have been brilliant this year, deserving of a post on their own!SL701585



One thought on “January “mood board”

  1. Loads going on! that pic at the top is great… want to see it bigger (and Dad would say it needs to be lightend up a bit too…)
    Will you send me the photos?
    Looking forward very much to the leek post (not sarcastic… well, not completely sarcastic)!!

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