Spring coming, plants budding, March ‘mood board’

A close up of Hazel, tiny, pink female flower and male catkin, (stunningly described by a 6 year old child this week as like your spine).
Having worked all week I’m totally exhausted! It’s all or nothing with supply teaching!
Anyway Saturday was beautifully sunny here so after some urgent chores I spent some time wandering around the garden noticing everything waking up for Spring. The birds are also looking ready to build nests and start mating. Luckily for everything this year it appears there won’t be a late cold snap- if the forecasters are to be believed!

PHOTO CAPTIONS ALL WRONG, sorry can’t get the right format today, having a mental block! So they are in the right order but not the right place!
Forsythia in front of a hazel, loads of catkins everywhere this year.


One of our 3 snowdrops! They just don’t seem to like where I’m putting them, I planted about 20 in the green last year!
Stunning colour.




Judas tree, or as I call it Pom Pom bush getting ready to go mad.

My new Witch Hazel, a birthday pressie from TOWPCOE’s parents, I have to get it in the ground soon.

Lovely sun on the remaining traces of frost on the moss.

Climbing Hydrangea, finally getting somewhere since we cut down the Pussy Willow that was shading it.


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