I’ve killed my sourdough!

Having been so pleased to get a sourdough starter off a friend last Autumn, I have been careless enough to let it die.
My excuses are a lack of the usual amount of “free” time I have had since mid January as I have had a part time teaching job, and a nearly 2 hour daily commute, and that we have a new bakery in the village which we have been trying to support.
I left it at least a month the last time, 2 weeks seemed to be fine, but obviously it ran out of food as I had not kept it topped up with fresh flour.
Anyway the good news is that I’m going to see my brother at half term and he had some off me so maybe he’ll give me a bit back. He has been much more scientific than me about the whole process reading loads of stuff on the internet. Typical of him! I tend to be a bit random with my cooking, usually it works well.
So here’s hoping he’ll spare me a bit and I can get back to great bread.


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