Well what a year…

So 2016, for me like most in the world, has been a pretty awful year for most things in Politics, work (lack of it) and in my personal life too. Hence the complete lack of interest in my blog. I haven’t spent much time sitting on the bench (last post) but it still looks lovely. I have a new set of “bugs” to add to the sour dough, that I nurture everyday and that nurture me, Kefir. I’ll post about that soon.

2017 though… Lets hope it will be a much better year!

I have lots of plans for the new year, and a new part-time teaching post, which will help with the bank account. I am determined to be positive and get things done.

Happy New Year to ALL, let’s all hope that 2017 is not as bad as it could be…


2 thoughts on “Well what a year…

  1. It’s been a rubbish year for me too- but I’m with you looking forward to being positive and getting things done. Including seeing lovely people like you. Other plans include more singing and more walking x

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