I live in a small town in Mid Wales with my partner TOWPCOE, The One Who Passes Comment On Everything (see side bar for more info). We have a cat and hens/chickens and nearly an acre of land, and are happily child-free. Both of us grew up in and around London but have no desire to return (unless with a fortune to spend and even then I’m not sure). We arrived here nine years ago with our small business via various cities, large British and Foreign, and a fair amount of traveling (separately) in what used to be called the second and third worlds. The business was great but took up far too much of our time and caused more arguments than was healthy so we sold it four years ago and have not regretted a moment since.

This blog has been bubbling around in my brain for a while, ever since my sister who is far more media savvy than me started one, finally I have got round to it, like the rest of life procrastination is far too easy for me, let’s hope you find informative and enjoyable.

I hope to include information about:

The way I garden, mainly to grow stuff to eat and encourage all wildlife with very little monetary input, we don’t use chemicals except very occasionally.

Tips for and the joys of keeping a tiny flock of hens/chickens (four at the moment). Most advice on the internet or in books seems to be about larger ‘flocks’ and when a cockerel is involved. We don’t have a cockerel, the noise would disturb our neighbours and us far too early in the morning.

Cooking, which we both have a passion for, we cook every day, (well almost) mind you it is easier without children. Recipes for cooking and preserving our produce from the garden.

I’m sure there will be more things which spring to mind and of course I will include musings on our life in the country and other thoughts on a frugal life in this materialistic mayhem we seem to have created for ourselves in the modern world.

I would love to hear your comments and questions, to comment click on the speech bubble near the page title, (although I don’t promise to answer them all!)
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