New Year already…

Well December has been busy as usual.
I was going to write a post all about Christmas… About how we like to celebrate, but got busy enjoying it instead!
So it’s all over, I took down the decorations last night. We have a large branch of hawthorn outside that has LED lights on, I put this up late Nov and it’ll stay ’til the nights are shorter to cheer us and the neighbours up.P1000207
We have had a lovely 2 weeks, TOWPCOE has had to do some work since schools broke up, but only a few days. I’ve been planning and laminating on an occasional basis, put in a couple of days moving tables, books etc and have finally planned the full time term of work I’m about to start… The first full time, whole term teaching I have done since 1994!
For Christmas we had an old friend staying for almost a week and a few friends and neighbours (without children or parents!) for dinner on the day, a couple of local house parties and an evening of music down the pub, PERFECT. The best bit was not driving “Down South”, I love my family and love to see them, (which doesn’t happen often enough!) BUT that drive down in the chaos of Christmas traffic, tired and stressed with TOWPCOE’s work beforehand and the frenzy of consumerism that is most modern Christmases, are the bits I really hate. I’m not saying that we don’t indulge, food and drink feature very heavily on my list. But for a few years now we haven’t given presents to adults. We do give to our 5 nephews and nieces and enjoy that. It started because we were very skint, now we are ok and could afford it, but I still like it like that, (parents are very generous, and genuine thanks for their presents…)
I have traveled to the parents’, or them to us (twice) every year of my adult life except for one that I spent in India years back. We will go to see my family in a couple of weeks when we go down for the weekend, parents and siblings and sprogs, hopefully that will go well. TOWPCOE saw some of his family (who live locally) on the day and we have seen them a few times over the holidays.
Talking of over consumption I did a lot of food shopping in the week before Christmas, I really overbought, can’t think how I thought 3 of us would eat so much, consumerism is so catching! So we have a freezer full of filled pasta, sausages and prawns and a fridge full of cheese and will spend January eating those. But the veg, that looked far too much, all got eaten which makes me feel a bit healthier! I bought too much alcohol as well, (surprise surprise) so we’ll have a gentle wind down to the New Year cut down!
As for presents we will/have bought a couple of things that we need for the house, a new electric kettle and phones. An LPG gas hob kettle takes long time to boil, fine for holidays but not so good when we’re both working early mornings, (but has been fun having on the wood-burner for evening teas and I’ll keep doing that). Our phones have become a bit unreliable, annoying, but they are almost 10 years old, not bad in this day and age so we’ll get new ones as a new year treat to ourselves.